Automatizace materiálového toku, manipulace, zvyšování produktivity, úspora nákladů

The company was established based on its long years of experience in industrial automation, especially in the field of modular conveyor systems, special machinery for regulating production material flow, assembly lines and multi-axis robots and gripper manipulators.

We gladly offer you our services in the following areas:

  • conveyor and manipulation systems
  • integration of multi-axis robots and manipulators
  • robotic grippers

Our common objective is to assist customers to increase their manufacturing productivity with the help of reliable, safe and functional automation, while at the same time reducing the scrap rate, standing time and maintenance costs.

Our engineering ‘know-how’ is based on experience with solutions for material flow automation and manipulation for a great variety of products, especially in the following sectors of industry:

  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • cosmetics industry
  • personal hygiene products
  • mechanical engineering and the automotive industry
  • electrical engineering
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